Sunday, October 5, 2014

Heavy is the Head Review

The Playground appears to be on the outskirts of a city. When Coulson was looking out the window, you could clearly see some other buildings in an urban area. If there were that many people there, how did he land the Bus without anyone seeing? Maybe they're on an abandoned airstrip that still gets occasional use and nobody thought anything of it. It could also be in a rust-belt ghost town, so there's no one around. Also, if it were anywhere in North America, NORAD or the FAA should have spotted the Bus flying in. The only way around that is if they flew at low altitude over unpopulated areas on their way in.

Why didn't the Obelisk kill Raina? The two possibilities I can think of are that she's an alien or she was given the guest house serum. She could be one of Coulson's test subjects from Project T.A.H.I.T.I. and he doesn't remember her because of the brainwashing. Either that, or she's part of the same species that Skye and her father are. Though they might not be the ones who created the obelisk. The alien bit could also explain why Skye hasn't had any adverse reactions to the guest house serum.

If Raina doesn't want the Obelisk to fall into Hydra's hand, does that mean she isn't working for them? If she's not working for Hydra, then who is she working for? Is she working for anyone at all? Maybe she's an independent agent, only looking out for herself. Maybe she's working for whoever Skye's father is. I was under the impression that that whole project with the gifteds she was working on was part of Hydra. It seemed to be under the direction of Garrett, and he was Hydra, so it only made sense.

When are we going to see Mike Peterson again? Last we saw him was in the season 1 finale when he was freed of Hydra's control. My guess is that he's going to turn up later this season either to help SHIELD or having been forced back into working for Hydra. It's also possible he's been recruited into the Avengers, but I think we would have heard if Jaime Richards had been cast in Age of Ultron.

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