Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kill the Moon Review

Did the Doctor ever do anything about those pictures Courtney posted to Tumblr? I mean, he appears to try to keep at least some veil of secrecy surrounding his assistance of Earth. Otherwise, the whole world would know about him by now. It may be that UNIT and what's left of Torchwood do that for him. Either that, or the computer virus he created in series 1 that deletes any trace of him from the internet. Those could take care of Courtney's posts, or maybe the writers will just ignore the issue.

Before you point out the scientific inaccuracy of 100 million years, the Whoniverse's Moon was formed differently. According to the Doctor in Cold Blood, the Silurians saw the Moon approaching Earth and fled underground for safety. But instead of causing the apocalypse like they feared, it was captured by the Earth's gravity. In our universe, it was formed by the debris thrown off from a collision between the proto-Earth and a Mars-sized planetoid approximately 4.55 billion years ago. In the Whoniverse, the only unfeasible bits are that it immediately laid an egg that big as soon as it was born and the violation of conservation of mass (the Moon isn't just going to get heavier out of nowhere).

The Shuttle cannot reach the Moon; it has a maximum altitude of about 320 miles. It was designed to go just high enough to launch the Hubble telescope. It may be possible to adjust the trajectory to head straight for the Moon, but you'd probably run out of velocity and start falling back to Earth. Even if you did reach the Moon using 2049 technology, there's no way you'd be able to lift off again. Although, it seems they never had any intention of doing that.

I think the Doctor could have been a bit nicer towards Clara. This decision was definitely humanity's to make. The Doctor shouldn't go around making large moral decisions for other species. Other people should make decisions like this on their own and suffer or enjoy the consequences. The Doctor can only provide so much guidance. However, he shouldn't have just seemingly abandoned Clara and Courtney like that. He really traumatized Clara by making her think he wasn't coming back for her. The only problem with sticking around is that he may have made the impression that if they blew up the Moon, they wouldn't have to live with it for another 35 years.

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