Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Making Friends and Influencing People Review

I doubted Simmons would ever go to work for Hydra. She's too loyal to Fitz to just abandon him with brain damage like that. ABC simply manipulated the promo material to make it look like Simmons had gone to work for Hydra. They gave us just enough info to know what she'd been up to, but not enough to know why. It's just a gig to draw as many viewers as possible to the episode.

How did Grant know about Skye's father? If he knows her father, what else does he know about her? Could he be aware of any potential powers she may have? Also, what is his source for this information? Clearly Hydra knows more about Skye than we do. They could be the ones who crossed off the agents that retrieved her. They may have been trying to get to her to raise her and use her as a weapon.

Is it just me, or was Creel also brainwashed in the same way Donnie and Agent 33 were? I seem to recall something in that episode about "compliance will be rewarded." I don't recall if the person communicating with Creel used the same command to reactivate his programming. It might just be standard Hydra procedure to brainwash all gifteds. I could see how that makes sense, since they wouldn't want to fight an army of super-humans that have turned on them.

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