Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mummy on the Orient Express Review

The Doctor originally got invited to the Orient Express 1,100 years ago on Amy and Rory's wedding night (remember that phone call he got at the end of The Big Bang?). He said that Gus had tried to get him to come aboard before, but he had always refused. What caused him to give in to Gus and come onboard this time? Perhaps he figured that the Foretold was dangerous enough that he should finally deal with it. Maybe this new regeneration didn't care about the fact that a supercomputer wanted to use him for a scientific experiment. He just wanted to figure out what the Foretold was, not caring who summoned him there.

If you're going to steal life forces to survive, it doesn't make sense to steal them from sick people. The Foretold was specifically targeting people with health deficiencies. Sick people would have weak life forces, which wouldn't last as long once absorbed. Healthy people would have stronger life forces, which would allow the Foretold to survive longer on them. Unless the Foretold has a death wish, there's no reason for it to be targeting the sick and weak.

Where did ancient Egyptians get phase-shifting technology. I mean, given that it's Doctor Who, the answer is probably aliens. The problem is that the Doctor has been to ancient Egypt before, and there's been no mention of this. I mean yes, there were aliens there, but if there had been phase-shifting mummies while the Doctor was there, he would have recognized the Foretold immediately. Unless of course, the phase shifting technology wasn't originally in mummies and the Egyptians somehow managed to reverse-engineer the technology.

Jelly babies? For the first time in eight seasons, the Doctor finally offered someone some jelly babies. The only other reference we've had to them in the new series has been in The Sound of Drums, when the Master offered them to Lucy. The only problem was that they were in a metal case, rather than the traditional white paper bag. This is on top of the fact that the Doctor was basically wearing his first regeneration's outfit (notice the floppy bow tie). Yay classic series references!

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