Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Caretaker Review

I'm disappointed Ian Chesterton wasn't mentioned. It was shown in The Day of the Doctor that he was Chairman of the Governors for the Coal Hill School. It would have been nice to have a cameo or something. If not an appearance from William Russell, then the Doctor could at least have mentioned that he got the job through "an old friend" or something. A throwaway reference to Remembrance of the Daleks would have been nice, too.

The Skovox Blitzer wasn't very fleshed out, but that wasn't the point. The point of the episode was to have Danny and the Doctor meet. The circumstances under which the two met weren't important, other than that they present the opportunity for future character development. Given their initial animosity (especially the scene with "he's an officer"), there should plenty of room for that.

There does seem to be a definite robot theme this year. Every episode this season except Listen has had some sort of connection to robots or cyborgs. The finale features Cybermen, so this could be building towards something. However, it could just be a motif and not part of the greater story.

This time around, Missy wasn't the one to welcome the dead person to heaven. I'm guessing she's only responsible for those who died as a direct result of the Doctor's actions or in-actions. This cop's death was related to what the Doctor was doing, but there was no way he could have known about or prevented it. If that's Missy's responsibility, it might mean there will be a mention of Amy and Rory or possibly Adric in the future.  Also, what did the cop see outside the window, an army of Cybermen?

Why did the Doctor lure the Skovox Blitzer to the school? There are plenty of abandoned buildings he could have used that would have worked just as well. In fact, those would have been better because it wouldn't have put the lives of all those children at risk. After recently thinking abut how many innocent children he killed on Gallifrey, I don't know how the Doctor could have thought it a good idea to risk their lives. I suspect he just wanted to keep an eye on Clara and see who she was going out with.

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