Thursday, November 6, 2014

Paper Moon Review

Hey look, a non-story arc monster hunt! First one of the season. Every season of this show has stories that ignore the story arc and focus on the brothers working an ordinary case. Some fans decry them for taking away from the arc, but really they are a good thing. First, it's hard to fill 23 episodes with nothing but arc, it'd be too big of task for the writers. This allows them to explore independent plot ideas and have some fun with the stories. Second, they serve as a branching-off point for new fans, allowing them to learn about the show without having to worry about 10 seasons of back-story.

I knew as soon as Kate and Tasha were alone that Kate was going to kill her. It was mostly just the way she was looking at her. Tasha had become a monster and had to be stopped before she hurt anyone else. Kate knew that there was no cure to her condition and that the only way to stop her was to kill her. Rather than let the brothers do it, she took it upon herself because it was her responsibility to look after her sister.

I'm always slightly amazed at how easily the brothers get captured. In this episode Dean's gun is taken by one of Tasha's goons, who forces Sam to surrender. This would be believable, but the brothers quickly turn the tables on the werewolves. Dean even remarks something about "welcome to the big leagues" when he and Sam stab the guys. If they can so easily fight them off while kneeling and with no guns, how did they get captured so easily? My only guess is that the werewolves got overconfident after they captured the brothers so easily.

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