Monday, December 15, 2014

What They Become Review

I'm not that familiar with Marvel comic books, so I've never heard of Daisy Johnson. As soon as the episode ended, I Googled "Daisy inhuman" and ended up on a Wikia page for Daisy Johnson, aka Quake. They changed her origin in Agents of SHIELD. Apparently, in the comics she was the daughter of a man who took a special serum that altered his DNA. That ended up giving her earthquake powers that activated after she listened to some CD. I guess the producers were in a hurry to set up the Inhumans storyline for the 2018 movie, so they made Skye one of them.

I'm really hoping Trip isn't dead. Hopefully the writers are just pulling our legs and he'll be back in the next episode. Someone on Tumblr suggested that he's an Inhuman with the power of invisibility. That's the theory I'm going with until proven otherwise.

I'm interested to see what Raina becomes. Some people have been speculating that she's going to become Tigra, who is apparently some sort of cat-human hybrid and not an Inhuman. Whatever she turns out to be, both SHIELD and Hydra are going to want her. Not only does she know more about the Inhumans that anyone except Cal, but she is one, which makes her a goldmine of information. It would be smarter for her to go with SHIELD, since Hydra would want to perform a full-on vivisection, while Simmons would perform more non-invasive tests, involving blood samples and MRIs.

I thought that a full-on global terrigenesis was going to happen in this episode. It would be an excellent way to provide a plethora of superhumans for both Agents of SHIELD and the Netflix series. Plus, that many new superhumans running around would certainly provide motivation for the Superhuman Registration Act that's supposed to come up in Captain America: Civil War.

It'll be interesting to see what happens to Agent 33 now. This episode made it seem like she was conditioned to obey Whitehall and now that Whitehall's dead, she's free. However, I wouldn't put it past Ward to take over her programming and make her into his puppet. It all depends on whether she was programmed to obey only directions given by Whitehall or only those given under hypnosis. Ward may actually try to take over Hydra in its entirety and gain control over all the brainwashed agents. My guess is that he'll become the new Whitehall next spring and will use his inside knowledge of Coulson's team to manipulate them all.

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