Friday, January 23, 2015

The Hunter Games Review

The river ends at the source, that's what Metatron said to Dean about removing the Mark of Cain. We normally think of rivers as beginning at their source. Rivers flow into larger bodies of water, be that another river, a lake, or the ocean. The ocean is the source of all life on Earth. Or perhaps it's the source of the Mark of Cain, the place where Cain killed Able. That would be somewhere in Africa. Rivers in Africa sometimes disappear into aquifers in the ground. Maybe Dean has to perform a ritual with the blade at one of these aquifers.

The fact that Claire's new friends thought they could actually take on Dean in a fight suggests that Claire didn't know enough about him to realize that he's more than a match for two ordinary humans. That would suggest that she hasn't been reading the Supernatural books that exist. Either she doesn't have an interest in that genre, she didn't realize they're real (which is unlikely), or whatever group home she's in doesn't stock violent literature like that. Alternatively, she did know on some level that he would be able to take them and didn't really want him to get hurt that bad. I mean, she did try to stop the fight once she saw the axe.

Rowena probably isn't going to be the villain of the season for the boys. It's more likely she's going to come into conflict with Crowley. The way I see it, she's going to try and take over Hell and either be stopped in a pitched battle against demons, or win and become the Winchesters' new villain next season. The boys seem to be busy with the Mark right now, and that's probably going to occupy them for the rest of the season. I'm not really sure what's going to happen to Castiel. Depending on whether we've seen the last of Claire, either he could mend his relationship with her, or help the boys for the rest of the season.

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