Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Blitzkrieg Button Review

I actually thought Dooley was going to give that Nazi cyanide. During WWII, secret agents often carried suicide pills on their person so they could forgo torture if they were captured. I wondered how Dooley was going to explain to the prison guards why the guy he had just visited was suddenly dead of cyanide poisoning. Turns out it was just a simple breath mint.

So Dottie is a Black Widow agent. Most of what I know about the Black Widow program and the Red Room comes from fan fiction. From what I can tell, Natasha took a variant of super soldier serum is potentially as old as Steve. Whether she was the only one to receive the serum, I don't know. However, it is possible that we could see a younger version of her in tonight's episode. I'm particularly interested to see how the investigation of Leviathan leads into the discovery of the Black Widow program and whether or not Peggy makes the connection to Dottie.

I'm surprised they only took twelve vials of Steve's blood. As far as I can tell, he was working the USO gig for weeks before going overseas to perform for the troops. That much time, plus his increased ability to produce new blood cells, would seem to indicate that they'd probably be taking at least twelve vials per month. The fact that Howard locked his sample away instead of putting it in a lab seems to suggest that he wasn't going to be analyzing it anytime soon. Either he was too busy with other things in the aftermath of the war, he was going to sell it later, or he was going to store it until more efficient tests were available. The latter option could take years and the sample might not be viable after that time, so I'm guessing the first two options are more likely.

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