Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Iron Ceiling Review

We finally got to see the black widow program. I think most people thought we would only see flashbacks of this in Age of Ultron. I certainly didn't anticipate seeing this until they released the promo content for the episode. It'd be interesting to see how heavily the program is involved in the next three episodes and possibly season 2. We could certainly learn a lot about Natasha Romanov's backstory, considering (according to fan fiction, at least) she's about as old as Steve due to Russian super serum. Hell, I just want to know how it all ties into Leviathan and that massacre at Finnau.

What were the Howling Commandos doing still inside Poland. I mean, I get the place was under occupation at the time, but it was under Russian occupation, not American. They were within overnight driving range of Russia, which meant they were pretty deep inside Poland, too. How did they get those trucks (with very clear US Army insignia) that far into Russian occupied territory without the Russians noticing? And why? Were they still on some op, cleaning up Hydra bases? Were they spying on the Russians? Whatever it is, I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that they're the Howling Commandos and they're the best of the best.

Is Leviathan trying to frame Howard? They clearly sent a message regarding a purchase saying to make payment to him. The way I see it, either Howard is actually involved in something, or Leviathan knows the SSR has the typewriter and is trying to frame him. We didn't really see much evidence of any sort of sale at the compound they raided. I think they mentioned something about being early, which raises the question of why they didn't wait for the sale to take place. It's possible they weren't actually planning on selling the device itself, but rather that captured engineer who was going to build it. That's all I can think of since there's no evidence of any sort of weapon of mass destruction laying around the black widow facility.

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