Sunday, March 22, 2015

One of Us Review

So it appears that Cal has similar history in the MCU and the comics. From what I remember of my reading after they revealed his and Skye's identities in December, he was experimenting with Dr. Jekyll's formula and developed super strength and mental instability. The main difference is that in the comics, Daisy got her powers from him, while in the MCU they came from her mother's side of the family (which is Inhuman in origin).

Raina and Cal have both been taken by Gordon in front of SHIELD. So not only are they now both in the same place, but Coulson knows someone else has a vested interest in them. I don't think Coulson's likely to realize that Gordon is an Inhuman anytime soon. He's more or less unaware of any other Inhumans out there. He knows there might be, however, since Vin-Tak mentioned these experiments took place thousands of years ago, so there could be millions of Inhumans by now, and there are several Diviners unaccounted for. The only problem is that Coulson is under the impression that you need to travel to the temple under San Juan in order to use the Diviner. That could be true and the Inhumans might have some secret portal there, or there could be another temple somewhere else. I still like the idea of an Inhuman city being somewhere in China.

I was hoping Bobbi and Mack would turn out to be working for SWORD. In ten movies, we've seen surprisingly little of SHIELD's sister agency. At this point, with SHIELD down, I'm beginning to think we're not going to see them at all. I am, however, intrigued by this group's claim to be the "real" SHIELD. That would imply that either they're staying true to SHIELD's roots (while Coulson somehow isn't) or that they have the official backing of world governments while Coulson has only the unofficial support of General Talbot. I'm rather curious to see how many resources the two SHIELDs have compared to each other. It's possible that this new one has control of several major SHIELD bases and significant manpower, compared to Coulson's one old base and several dozen agents. I think they only way they could have taken that many facilities is if other intelligence agencies let them or if they somehow managed to wrest them from Hydra without other agencies ever finding out about them.

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