Sunday, April 5, 2015

One Door Closes Review

I don't actually know much about Quake in the comic books, so I was surprised that Skye's abilities include more than just earthquakes and resonating things to pieces. I certainly didn't anticipate her having cool bending powers. I think it ties back to what Gordon says about everything having a natural vibration. Once an object starts vibrating, it doesn't really stop. Instead, the amplitude of the vibration decreases exponentially until it becomes undetectably small. Skye must be able to harness these micro-vibrations to control materials at a molecular level. It'd be really interesting to see what she could do if she controlled the vibration of quantum strings or perhaps gravitational waves.

Bobbi now most likely knows that Raina, Cal, and Skye are all in the same place. She was there when Gordon took Cal and Skye, and might have seen the reports from the agents who tried to take Raina. The question remains whether Bobbi will tell May the truth, or if Gonzales will lie and say they have Skye so he can use her as leverage. There's also the problem that no one really knows who Gordon is. The team knows that there could potentially be thousands or millions of Inhumans out there, but they don't seem to realize there's an entire city out there. I suspect Gonzales will go over the security footage from inside the cabin, so he could find out, but he probably won't share the info with Coulson's team and might even erase the footage. Though if he did, Fitz might be able to get it back, though that's probably more up Skye's alley.

So Coulson's office totally has a secret escape elevator. I bet that was originally intended for Peggy in case of an attack. Either that, or it was intended to shuttle Angie in and out, so nobody would have to know Peggy was seeing a woman. The Playground appears to be located in an urban area, so I suspect the elevator leads to some kind of underground tunnel complex. The three most likely options are the sewer, a subway station, or an independent tunnel that comes up at a hidden location just outside the base. However, if it really was originally intended for Angie, it probably doesn't lead into the sewer.

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