Monday, March 21, 2016

Daredevil Season 2 Review

Note: I'm not doing an episode-by-episode review like I would with other shows if I actually had time to do that anymore. I doubt I ever will for a Netflix show, since binge-watching the entire season in a couple days makes it hard to keep track of what happened in each episode.

There were a lot of twists and turns in this season that I didn't expect. For example, I wasn't expecting Stick to drop in and save Matt and Elektra at the pit. In fact, I forgot he was even in this season until he appeared. I also wasn't expecting to see Wilson Fisk at all. Then there was the bit where the Blacksmith actually turned out to be someone we had already met. I was half expecting him to be dealt with in season three, though I should have figured they'd wrap up the arc before the end of the season.

There wasn't much in the way of references to the rest of the MCU. All I noticed was Jessica Jones getting name dropped in reference to Reyes' vigilante hunt, the Bulletin's servers getting wiped in the "incident," and a headline about Battle of NY framed on a wall. Considering the focus on vigilantes, they could have at least mentioned the uptick in inhumans that's been going on.

I'm glad Matt revealed his identity as Daredevil to Karen. I've never really been a fan of secret identities, at least not when they're secret from close friends. In my mind, bad things come out of keeping secrets from those close to you. I mean, you can see how it basically ruined Matt and Foggy's friendship when Matt revealed he had secretly been working with Elektra and they didn't tell Karen the truth about what was going on.

I wish they had revealed more about what a Black Sky actually is. Judging by the fact that they're living weapons who need to be activated, I'm guessing it's another name for inhumans. Since all the Diviners were either at Afterlife or in SHIELD custody until recently, I'm guessing the Hand was trying to recreate an artificial terrigen. Since we know that you can now get terrigen from the seafood, that leaves three possibilities. The first is that the ATCU and SHIELD clamped down on all known contaminated stuff and getting it now is just a matter of random chance. The second possibility is that the Hand hasn't made the connection between Black Skies and all these powered people cropping up. The final possibility (at least that I can think of) is that Black Skies and inhumans are completely different things. That last one is a real possibility if the Netflix people aren't talking to the Agents of SHIELD people.

I was kinda hoping either Jessica Jones or Skye would show up. I'm now sure how Jessica would be explained, but Skye and Matt lived in the same orphanage, presumably at the same time. Maybe Matt needs a computer expert for a case and Skye wants to check out Daredevil as a potential Secret Warrior. However, I wasn't really expecting any of this to happen since we've already got three vigilantes going on this season. I also don't know how good communication is between the Agents of SHIELD crew and the Netflix crew. For all I know, they work in the same building. It's widely known the TV and movie people don't talk to each other, but I was hoping for better in the TV division. If anyone knows, please sound off in the comments.

I was totally not expecting Karen/Frank to be a potential ship this season. I thought they would continue with the Karen/Foggy and Matt/Claire from last season with some old Matt/Elektra feelings thrown into the mix. Kastle has very strong potential at this point (which I'm pretty sure precisely no one saw coming), though I think Matt's going to be trying to repair his relationship with Karen in the near future.

I eagerly await news of what's going to happen to the Nelson and Murdock law firm and our trio's relationship. I have a feeling Matt will be unable/unwilling to keep the practice open with just him and Karen. Perhaps season three will see Matt and Karen interviewing potential new partners (Jennifer Walters?). However, given that Daredevil already has two seasons and they have to fit in at least two seasons of other shows before the Defenders, I'm not expecting season three anytime soon. One possible plus is that with Foggy working for Hogarth, that could put him in touch with Jessica and possibly lead to the Defenders alliance.

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