Monday, April 18, 2016

Jon Favreau to Produce Infinity War

According to an interview with Digital Spy, Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Iron Man 2) will be producing Avengers: Infinity War. The film is scheduled to film later this year and air in two parts in May 2018 and 2019.
I'm going to be executive producing the Avengers films with the Russo brothers, which I'm very excited about. I talk to them about it all the time. I've worked both in front of and behind the camera with Marvel and I really love what they're doing right now. It's a really exciting time to be over there. I've seen a rough cut of Civil War and it's fantastic. We're constantly looking for things to do together. And now I'm freed up.The question is, do I want to do something else in the superhero genre? I've spent a big chunk of my career working on that already. All new titles are coming out now.

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