Sunday, May 29, 2016

X-Men: Apocalypse Review

To be honest, the first thing I Googled when I got home from the theater wasn't Essex Corp, but the soundtrack. I'm in absolute love with Quicksilver's scene evacuating the mansion. I recognized the the song that was playing during that scene as one from an old Doctor Who fan video. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to read all the song names in the end credits, but I took my best guess of the ones I did read and it turned out to be right.

I'm pretty sure that Fox and Disney must have some sort of deal that means they each get only one Maximoff twin. Disney killed off Pietro and Fox just pretends Wanda doesn't exist. I really want a movie centered around both twins and I don't really care which universe it takes place in. X-Men would be more likely since that's the only one where they're both still alive.

I want to know how the Ancient Egyptians got that level of technology. That entire pyramid seems to have been built to facilitate Apocalypse's mind transfer, yet those stone blocks were perfectly positioned to bring the entire place down. Obviously, that coup had help from the architect, but why not just engineer it to kill him instead? No need to knock the entire place down. That way you can pass it off as a freak accident. Also, why did it still work after being reduced to rubble?

Fox really needs to admit that this isn't the X-Men film franchise, it's the Wolverine film franchise. I mean, his role in First Class does absolutely nothing to further the plot. At least he wasn't actually in Deadpool, but he did get name dropped. All he does in this film is show up, save the day, then vamoose.

Not only was Essex Corp teased in the post credits scene, but I'm pretty sure those soldier guys mentioned them when they arrived in the helicopter at the X Mansion. Apparently their CEO has ties to the Cable character who's going to be in Deadpool 2 and may or may not be the villain of Wolverine 3. I'm hoping that the DNA samples of Wolverine will be used to create Laura Kinney.

To me, the most unrealistic part of the movie was how nobody had really aged in the 20 years since First Class. I know they said in First Class that Raven wouldn't age at the same rate as normal people, but I don't think the other mutants shared that ability. Charles even blatantly said that Moira hadn't aged a day. This is what happens when you make movies set ten years apart every two years. Also, in Last Stand, Jean was brought to the School when Charles and Erik were still together and old enough to be played by Stewart and McKellen. I guess in this timeline their split happened over ten years earlier.

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