Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Nelsan Ellis Cast in Elementary

CBS has cast Nelsan Ellis (True Blood) in season 5 of Elementary as Shinwell Johnson, according to TV Line. Shinwell is a Doyle character who appeared in The Illustrious Client. He will appear for three episodes starting with the season premiere. The report describes the new take on the character as
a former drug dealer who’s struggling to get his life back on track after a long stint in prison. A surgical patient of Watson’s (Lucy Liu) more than a decade ago, Shinwell reappears in her life as a helpful tipster in a murder investigation. He begins working with Sherlock and Joan, leveraging various illicit connections from his past to help the pair solve cases. But the more time he spends navigating New York’s underworld, the closer he gets to sliding back into the life he’s so desperate to leave behind.

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