Sunday, August 7, 2016

Suicide Squad Review

There are definitely too many characters in this film. I mean, what does Slipknot even do? Chuck him, Captain Boomerang, and maybe Katana (she was awesome in Arrow, but underutilized here) and work on developing the other characters more. Flagg, Deadshot, Harley, and Waller had most of the lines anyway, cutting out some of the others would hardly do anything.

Some of the timing was a bit weird. First, the Suicide Squad wasn't called in until three days after the event started. Why then? Then they had a weird amount of focus on the people in the evacuation center. I almost wondered if I was supposed to know who some of them were. Plus, there was a flashback scene when Flagg explains to the team the truth of what they're dealing with. That should have been shifted to when it actually took place, and had Flagg explain things without showing the audience. Also, why wasn't Chato's flashback at the beginning with everybody else's?

I find it weird from a tactical point of view that Waller and Flagg didn't explain to everyone exactly what they were up against from the get go. In a real military mission, a commander would always explain to their troops who they were fighting and what firepower they had. It looked like even the SEALs didn't know the truth.

What was Waller's original plan? The Suicide Squad's entire mission was to extract her, but then what? I assume they were just going to drop a nuke on the place. Why did she even need the Squad to get her out of there? A platoon of SEALs should have been enough. A lot of the stuff in the middle of the film was really glossed over. Were we even supposed to know she was the high value target? At first I thought it was June (like they didn't realize she caused this).

I am definitely ready for the Harley Quinn solo movie. The end does make it look like Joker would be involved with that, but I hope they include her relationship with Ivy.

I really hope they put out an ultimate edition of this film on Blu-ray. As I mentioned above, the middle could do with some expansion. They go from setting up the Squad into the action too quickly. I also read a list of deleted scenes and there a fair number of them. However, some of them might push it to an R rating.

In the mid credits scene I assumed Bruce was going to ask Waller for access to the world engine so he could turn it into the Watchtower. I guess I forgot that the Justice League isn't quite that far along yet. Also, does she know he's Batman? It almost sounded like she did.

As one little kid in the theater said during the Suicide Squad trailer before Captain America, the answer to who would have stopped Superman from ripping off the roof of the White House and kidnapping the president is Batman.

The slow-mo scene at the end really didn't need to be slow-mo. It's obviously just done to look cool, but it gives the appearance of trying too hard.

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