Monday, September 12, 2016

Folie a Deux Synopsis & Cast List

CBS has revealed the synopsis and cast list (along with a photo) for the season premiere of Elementary.
When a serial bomber becomes active again after being dormant for six years, Watson seeks help from Shinwell Johnson (Nelsan Ellis), a former patient whose life she saved when she was a surgeon. Also, Holmes senses Watson is unhappy and questions whether she is still fulfilled by her detective career, on the fifth season premiere of ELEMENTARY,

Jonny Lee Miller: Sherlock Holmes
Lucy Liu: Joan Watson
Aidan Quinn: Captain Tommy Gregson)
Jon Michael Hill: Detective Marcus Bell
Nelsan Ellis: Shinwell Johnson

Matthew Del Negro: Nathan Resor
Lorenzo Pisoni: Gardner
Lee Tergesen: Cray Fielder
Jacob Alexander: Tom
Simon Belz: Kid
Irungu Mutu: Taxi Driver
Antonio Edwards Suarez: Sedan Driver
Leopold Manswell: Punk Boxer
Bianca Amato: Brenda Resor

WRITTEN BY: Robert Doherty and Jeffrey Paul King
DIRECTED BY: Christine Moore

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