Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Meet the New Boss Review

Did I miss the reveal of the new director's last name? I know he's an inhuman named Jeffrey, but I'm not sure if they gave us his surname. I've seen people assuming he's Jeffrey Mace, so maybe that's it.

The only reason I'm not worried about what Jeffrey has planned for May is because I know she'll end up in Jemma's care next episode. I'm very protective of the core SHIELD team and I don't totally trust Jeffrey yet. However, it looks like my original hypothesis of Coulson being forced out was wrong, so maybe I should trust him more.

That scene where May tells Piper to call her May reminds me of the first episode of Star Trek: Voyager. Apparently, Starfleet protocol is to call female officers "sir." Janeway tells the crew she prefers captain, though they can call her Kathryn in "crunch time." Harry Kim proceeds to call her Kathryn at the first sign of trouble and she tells him it's not crunch time yet. Later, when it actually is crunch time, she's sure to point it out.

My hypothesis that Lucy and Ghost Rider were connected turned out to be true. I just failed to anticipate more ghosts in boxes and some sort of reactor. There's apparently a bigger villain out there who started all this. Anyone remember if there was some piece of summer casting news that's still a mystery? There's apparently something called a Darkhold. A quick bit of internet research revealed that it's an insanely powerful magical book. It may tie into Doctor Strange somehow, though Jed & Mo said the tie-in will be more thematic than plot-oriented.

I have a headcanon for how the Playground could have existed for 67 years without the Pentagon knowing about it. During the cold war, SHIELD constructed a series of back-up bases that would house operations in the event of a nuclear attack. To prevent the Russians from targeting the bases, knowledge of them was kept to less than a dozen people. They were even paid for with Stark money to avoid a paper trail. As far as anyone knew, they were just abandoned warehouses Stark Industries acquired, but never used.

Since SHIELD is dealing with ghosts, it's a good thing a certain Asgardian demigod is undercover at Ghostbusters. Give me the fic where SHIELD just calls Ghostbusters.

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