Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Ghost Review

The ratings change is definitely obvious right off the bat. They're less afraid to show blood. Then there's Daisy in her underwear and Aida in nothing at all. I'm not sure if we're allowed butts at TV-14. I seem to recall seeing Jack's butt in a Torchwood episode, but the European are apparently more okay with that sort of stuff.
I'm still not totally sold on the idea of bringing in Ghost Rider. He's obviously just an attempt to boost ratings (see also: Superman), but I feel like there are more popular characters they could have chosen. Maybe I'm just mistaken about how popular he is. My personal preference would have been Kamala Khan. People have been saying you can't do her without Carol, but I'd have to disagree. It certainly subtracts something from the character to lack that singular role model, but she'd still work.

Now onto the biggest question: what (or who) is in that box? I know nothing about Marvel comics, so my guesses are pretty limited. My initial guess is that she's the same type of thing as Ghost Rider: a human soul possessing people and making them kill. I may revise that after a couple episodes. She's definitely the arc for the first half of the season. Second question: why does May seem to be immune? She's definitely affected, but her bloodlust seems to be under control. Does she just have better self control than those goons in the warehouse? Was something protecting her?

I'm definitely getting the feeling nobody is happy with the new director. My guess is that once Hydra was eliminated and since Talbot had troops inside the Playground, Coulson wasn't given many options. ABC said that Coulson was demoted because he's officially dead, but it was more likely a power play. The president wanting someone he could trust in charge might also explain why May or Hill weren't chosen. But then why not Talbot? Maybe he didn't want the job or the actor had other commitments. Daisy's reason for going rogue probably involved these new rules and director. Apparently Elena had to sign the Sokovia Accords. What happens if an enhanced person refuses to submit to monitoring? Do they just go straight to the Raft? Also, what even happened to the ATCU? Did they just get rolled right into SHIELD?

I'm interested to see where they go with Aida. She said she was created as a decoy and not as a real soldier. I'm guessing that means she doesn't have any weapons systems. I'm also curious about the bit about artificial intelligence being banned. Was that a direct consequence of Ultron? Were existing AIs grandfathered in? I also want to see how long Fitz can keep Aida a secret from Simmons. He definitely won't be comfortable lying to her, but how often does he have to go through lie detector tests?

The Marvel Twitter account said Framework is going to be important this season. In case you've forgotten that's the virtual reality brain interface thing Fitz and Radcliffe developed. Apparently it's eventually going to be some sort of implant. I'm guessing either it's going to tie into Aida (I don't know how) or somebody is going to mind control the team.

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