Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Flashpoint Review

One of my biggest questions is what has Barry been doing for the three months he's been living in Flashpoint? If memory loss really is tied to speed, then it seems he's barely been using that. He also didn't know that Caitlin was an pediatric ophthalmologist or quite what the status of STAR Labs and Cisco were.

I know we're supposed to suspend disbelief in stuff like this, but what was the deal with that cage Eobard was in? Where did Barry get the materials to build it? Was it seriously just in the closest building Barry could find after returning to the present? How did nobody stumble across it? Did Barry feed Eobard nothing but Big Belly Burger for three months? Did he at least get other take out? Then there's the whole bathroom issue. However, I suppose at least some of these questions could be asked of the STAR Labs prison.

I noticed Cisco mentioned that a speedster could phase their hand through somebody's rib cage and kill them. Did the Rival actually do that in the Flashpoint timeline? Or did Cisco vibe Eobard doing that to him?

I only 50% saw that ending coming. I will admit I completely forgot about Dr. Alchemy, but that's not what I'm getting at. Based on the names of the episodes, I originally estimated we would spend at least two episodes in the new timeline. I was also expecting them to return to a timeline that was largely the same as season two. There probably aren't going to be any further alterations to the timeline anytime soon. This is mostly because Barry has no idea what to change. The only thing he's changed has been changed back. That one point in time has probably been altered once too many and we're going to get that time boom now.

Where even was Harry? I was sorta expecting to see Harrison Wells at some point, but I guess not. Iris said something about STAR Labs going belly up, so that probably affected him. He might have gone to work for Mercury Labs or started another business. There's also the matter of Barry never having known the original timeline Harry.

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