Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Adventures of Supergirl Review

The fact that only twelve hours had passed since season one kinda threw me. I mean, I was halfway expecting them to pick up that cliffhanger right where they left off, but still. They said Winn got fired, so I assumed we were going to get to see that. But no, it's somehow happened overnight without any of the characters mentioning it. Then there's just the fact that I'm used to other shows not picking up right away.

I was definitely wondering how they were going to shoehorn Mon-El into a plot about Superman, Lena Luthor, Metallo, and some space shuttle (which apparently has single stage to orbit capability?). Turns out they just fridged him. I'm guessing he's going to sit things out until episode three.

I could definitely tell some of the main cast were getting shoved to the side in order to introduce new characters. That's about typical for season premieres that introduce a new conflict or cast. Once we get into the swing of things, we should see more of Alex, James, and Winn. I'm also hoping for an Alex-centric episode at some point, perhaps with some more flashbacks.

Can we please stop with the not telling Kara things? First it was the DEO and existence of Kryptonite, then Cadmus, now the DEO's downtown location. When J'onn said they have multiple locations, I'm assuming the others are in Metropolis and Gotham. National City is almost certainly headquarters, given that it's where the director works. The only reason I can come up with why it would be there (before they had any knowledge of Kara), is the same reason as NASA. That reason being that some representative in Congress really wanted to bring jobs to their district. Either that, or it was the closest major city to where Fort Rozz touched down. My headcanon (which I got off Tumblr) is that Kara's pod perfectly extrapolated out Cal-El's pod's trajectory and touched down on the Kent family farm, but Fort Rozz followed Kara very haphazardly and only managed to get the same continent.

To be honest, I was kinda hoping Kara would end up managing the Supergirl trademark. Becoming a reporter feels a little too much like following Clark. My headcanon is that the Daily Planet owns the trademark on Superman and CatCo the one on Supergirl. Perry White tried to trademark the logo, but Superman stepped in and convinced him it was the property of his cousin, since she's the rightful head of house. By the way, Cat only let her have said hypothetical job because she knew Kara was Supergirl.

I'm assuming Lucy and Vasquez are off on a mission somewhere. The CW really needs to bring them back. I'm not sure what the hold up is on Jenna, but I know Briana has simply not gotten called back. Lucy is going to be hard to ignore forever, given that she's basically co-director. Another possibility is that she's testifying before Congress about J'onn/Myriad.

Everyone really seems to like Clark. Winn fanboyed, Cat obviously fancies him, and Alex thinks he smells nice (even though she's basically related to him). Then there was that bit in season one where they implied James would have slept with Clark if Clark was a woman. I imagine Superman's love life is the subject of much speculation. He might even have some sort of super pheromone. I wonder if Kara has it, too.

I'm assuming Lena is still in danger. I mean, first off, Lex can just hire another assassin. Second, there had to be a team flying all those drones, so the initial threat is still out there. Cue Alex/Lena protective custody fan fiction.

What does Clark even do in this episode? If you removed him from the story, the only things that would change are character development points. He has no real bearing on the plot; he just stands around looking pretty for 42 minutes. I wonder if this version of Superman is always so useless and Lois is the only reason he ever defeats supervillains.

Fun fact: the only exposure I have to Clark Kent/Superman is Henry Cavill and some mostly forgetten animated Justice League from ~15 years ago. Is this what he's supposed be like? I can really see now why people describe the DCEU as darker.

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