Sunday, December 4, 2016

Invasion! Review

Ah, yes, the magical "we always had this and forgot to mention it" trope. I'm going to assume the Hall of Justice simply never existed prior to Flashpoint. It's the most likely explanation for why they simply never mentioned an entire building. Either that, or it's way out in the boondocks and inconvenient to get to unless you have super-speed or flight powers. Also, they finally addressed the fact that Barry owns STAR Labs. I'm surprised he didn't bring that up when Julian questioned where he always disappears to. However, I suppose there is the question of what he's doing there that's so urgent. Unless the CCPD knows STAR Labs works with the Flash, I forget.

Did Iris not know Oliver was the Arrow? I know Caitlin, Cisco, & Eobard found out two seasons ago, but I thought she knew as well. Iris didn't know Barry was the Flash at that point, but they've met up since then. Now I have to rewatch last year's crossover. Maybe it's a Flashpoint thing.

They really need to let Wally become Kid Flash. If the guy wants to help people, that's a good thing. Besides, he's got Barry to train him. It sure would be nice for the Flash to have some back up. Barry wouldn't have to leave work so often if Wally was around to help. Right now, I'm afraid of what HR's training will entail.

Can we please stop it with the heroes fighting heroes trope that seems to happen in every single team-up? It's getting old. They've used this trope in the Avengers, Age of Ultron, Civil War, the first Flarrow crossover, Batman v Superman, and several times on Agents of SHIELD. I vote we replace it with the "heroes have an ice cream party" trope, or something happy. If they absolutely have to fight, just make it a training exercise, not actual combat.

I feel like I've seen the Arrow 100th episode before. The characters are trapped in a dream world where everything is perfect until they notice small inconsistencies. Then they have to escape through a magic portal while aspects of the dream try to convince them to stay. For the Girl Who Has Everything is noticeably similar, but I've seen this plot elsewhere. I forget whether it was on a Doctor Who episode, one of my old Saturday morning cartoons, or what.

I'm kinda surprised how much of the Arrow episode the dream world took up. I was expecting the other characters to do more back on Earth, but all they really did was get in a fight and rescue Ollie & company. They could have entirely eliminated that episode and the plot wouldn't have been altered in the slightest. The only thing it accomplishes is character development going forward.

I kept waiting for Lantern Corps to show up and they kept not showing up. The producers basically said that Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern in the Arrowverse, but that we'd never see him. However, this is exactly the type of situation a galactic police force would get involved in. Maybe they can do a Red Lantern storyline on Supergirl.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm really upset they never used the words Justice League in the dialogue. Someone did say Team Arrow, Team Flash, and Team Legends, but I was expecting discussion of a more formal team name for all of them. Will Zack Snyder simply not let Greg Berlanti use those words?

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