Monday, December 26, 2016

The Return of Doctor Mysterio Review

I knew this story was inspired by Superman, but I didn't realize quite how far that would go. Grant basically got his powers because he wanted to be like Superman. His powers even derive from the sun (though indirectly). I still think the girlfriend reporter who works for The Daily Chronicle/Planet is a bit too much. At least the spinning globe was on top of Harmony Shoal and not the newspaper office.

Why is a squeaky toy an effective interrogation technique? Is the Doctor just naïve enough to think it can actually feel pain? I mean, it's mildly annoying, but that's all.

Was the Doctor trying to reach Amy and Rory? That device he was building should have allowed him to reach 1938 Manhattan, we was previously off-limits. I'm not sure it would have done anything about the whole fixed-point-knowing-their-future business. I do like how in typical Doctor Who fashion, the machine appears to be cobbled from spare parts.

Hacking Pokemon Go is a very clever distraction. I'm headcanoning that he dismissed the game as another silly human thing before becoming addicted. If he made the TARDIS a Pokestop, he could lure potential companions.

One of the beauties of Doctor Who is that it can do any genre imaginable. Historical dramas, westerns, murder mysteries, and now superheroes have all been done. Star Trek is similar due to the holodeck (though the lack of one didn't stop Enterprise from doing a western).

So can the Doctor summon the TARDIS by whistling now? Or was that just Nardole? He certainly seemed to think it was possible.

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