Thursday, February 9, 2017

More Runaways Casting

Marvel has announced who will be playing the parents (an evil group of scientists known as The Pride) on their upcoming Runaways series. Ryan Sands will play Geoffrey Wilder, a self-made man who changes between approachable father and intimidating strategist. Angel Parker will portray Catherine Wilder, a successful lawyer and loving mother. Brittany Ishibashi has been cast as Tina Minoru, a brilliant innovator and ruthless CEO who sometimes shys away from the emotional side of things. James Yaegashi will play Robert Minoru, a gentle and feeling husband who sometimes struggles with his wife's attempts to bury her emotions. Kevin Weisman will portray Dale Yorkes, a bioengineer who loves his family, but doesn't always know what to say to them. Brigid Brannagh has been cast as Stacey Yorkes, an absent-minded bioengineer who takes a more progressive approach to parenting. Annie Wersching will play Leslie Dean, a skilled leader who others are drawn to. Kip Pardue will portray Frank Dean, a former teen star who now struggles with insecurity. James Marsters has been cast as Victor Stein, a genius engineer who overreacts when his son fails to meet his expectations. Ever Carradine will play Janet Stein, a PTA mom who has sacrificed for her husband's career, but longs for more. Showrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage commented,
This cast is an abundance of riches. We are so excited to have assembled our PRIDE, though for the fate of humanity we should be very concerned…
Marvel head of television Jeph Loeb said,
This cast has come together in ways we couldn’t have imagined and we are thrilled to work with this outstanding group.

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