Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Duet Review

Let me just preface this by saying I despise musicals. So instead of having to be convinced to dislike this episode, like normal, I have to be convinced to like it. Especially considering Tom Cavanagh said they were jumping the shark.

I'm not entirely sure what Joe, Martin, and Malcolm (or whatever their character's names were) were trying to tell Millie and Tommy in their song. There was some stuff about wishes that I couldn't really understand. I thought they were saying they were cool with the relationship, but then they just straight up decided to murder each other. So obviously I got my metaphors mixed up. But Millie and Tommy didn't react like people who were just told their parents plan on murdering their significant other's parents. So I don't know.

I'm very disappointed that John Barrowman's character had a son named Tommy who wasn't played by Colin Donnell. If the character had been named literally anything else (or if he wasn't the son of Barrowman's character), I would have been cool with him being played by Chris Wood. Do the writers just not care that much?

It seems like weak writing to force Barry and Iris apart last week just to have them make up in a musical. Barry's decision in last week's episode was obviously forced in by the writers. I guess they were just trying to have them be broken up at the same time as Kara and Mon-El.

Cisco's powers shouldn't have worked here. Barry and Kara weren't in an alternate reality or parallel dimension. They were simply having a shared dream. J'onn should have been the one to enter the dream world since he's a telepath. Speaking of this, why didn't they try any of the usual tricks for waking up from a dream?

To all the Kara/Barry shippers out there: people don't normally sing about platonic friendship. Are there Kara/Barry shippers out there? There's only 40 fics on AO3 in that tag.

Alex really should have been in this episode. There is no way overprotective big sister Alex would have let Kara out of her sight while she was in a coma. It's just completely out of character. Mon-El was only even on Earth-1 so the writers could force him and Kara back together. He wasn't even her boyfriend at the beginning of the episode.

I'm glad they poked fun at how oddly people behave in musicals. That pleased me greatly.

The plot of the musical dream was rather watered-down. Boy and girl run away, tell their parents about their forbidden love, parents aren't cool with it. This is probably due to the fact that they had to squish it into ~30 minutes. There's only so much plot you can do in 30 minutes when you waste the first five explaining why there's even a plot at all.

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