Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Pilot Air Times

Here's a list of when the Doctor Who season premiere will air around the globe. The episode is confirmed to be 50 minutes long.
  • UK: 7:20pm BST April 15 on BBC One
  • US: 9:00pm EDT April 15 on BBC America
  • Canada: 9:00pm EDT April 15 on Space
  • Middle East: 10:00pm AST April 15 on BBC First
  • Australia: 7:40pm AEST April 16 on ABC
  • Brazil: 8:00pm BRT April 16 on SyFy
  • Latin America: 11:00pm CDT April 16 on SyFy
  • New Zealand: 7:30pm NZST April 17 on PRIME (future episodes will broadcast on Sundays)

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