Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wonder Woman Review

I can totally, without a doubt, confirm that this is the best DCEU movie so far. I can't say whether it's the best DC movie ever, because I haven't seen most of them. I'll have to think for a while to determine how it stacks up against the MCU films. It's definitely better than most of them.

I was actually surprised when the movie ended that there were no scenes set in World War II. Early on in preproduction, there were rumors that there were going to be three Wonder Woman movies, one set in WWI, one in WWII, and one in either ancient or modern times (I don't remember which). That turned into rumors that the film was set across a broad period of time. I even read a report from someone who supposedly attended a test screening that there were scenes in WWII. That turned out to be complete BS because Patty Jenkins confirmed that there isn't a single deleted scene in the entire movie. Though, the way that interview was worded, there could have been scenes removed at the script stage.

People said that DC set this movie in World War I to avoid Captain America similarities, but I feel like there's a narrative reason. Steve told the Amazons that this was a war at unheard of scale, "the war to end all wars." He might have described it differently if it was World War II and there had recently been another huge war. If he had described it as being similar to another war, Diana might not have believed it was the work of Ares. Maybe, it could go either way.

One thing a lot of critics complained about was the CGI-heavy "ridiculous" final battle. I feel like this movie was no worse than other recent superhero movies, if not better. For starters, they only destroyed a single military base, rather than an entire downtown city area. I'm also not sure the CGI is any more noticeable than movies where they're obviously not demolishing whole buildings. However, I'm not sure killing Ares even accomplished anything if World War II still happened anyway.

My personal headcanon for how Steve survives is that this was simply a holodeck program. The safeties were turned on, so Kirk will just insert himself again at a later point.

I guess they're ignoring the bit about how Amazons lose their power when bound by a man. Because Diana was definitely tied up by Ares at one point and that didn't seem to stop her.

You can tell this movie was directed by a woman because the only person who takes their clothes off is Steve. You can tell it was written by men because Diana barely talks to any women for half the film.

If anyone still needs confirmation that the Amazons are gay, I offer two pieces of evidence. There was a woman who appeared to be Antiope's girlfriend who was very upset when she died. Also, Diana told Steve that men are not necessary for sexual pleasure. Their relationships must also be more poly/open since they don't appear to have marriage.

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