Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Wynonna Earp Heading Back Into Production

According to a report from Vulture, Wynonna Earp will finally begin filming on season four next January. Production was originally scheduled to begin earlier this year, but financial difficulties at the studio, IDW, lead to a delay. The show reportedly got back on track after SyFy and Space offered to increase the license fees that they pay IDW, although cast contracts had to be renegotiated after they expired during the hiatus. Showrunner Emily Andras commented,
I’m so grateful we’re getting season four, and that would be enough for me. But as it’s Canada Day — the one day a year I am legally allowed to be greedy — yes, of course I’d love a fifth season! Any and all Earp is good Earp. In the meantime, time to get to work. Tarnation, it feels good to say that!
The cast will appear at San Diego Comic-Con this month before the series returns next summer.

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