Whoniverse Chronological Order

I've organized Doctor Who, specials, mini episodes, and spin-offs into the in-universe chronological order (from the Doctor's point of view)
  1. Classic Seasons 1-9
  2. The Three Doctors (special)
  3. Classic Seasons 10-18
  4. K-9 and Company
  5. Classic Seasons 19-20
  6. The Five Doctors (special)
  7. Classic Seasons 21-22
  8. A Fix With Sontarans (Jim'll Fix It crossover)
  9. Classic Seasons 23-26
  10. Dimensions in Time (Eastenders crossover)
  11. Television Movie
  12. The Night of the Doctor (mini episode)
  13. The Last Day (mini episode)
  14. Modern Season 1
  15. Born Again (Children in Need special)
  16. The Christmas Invasion (special)
  17. Attack of the Graske (mini episode)
  18. Modern Season 2
  19. Torchwood Season 1
  20. The Runaway Bride (special)
  21. Invasion of the Bane (SJA special)
  22. Smith and Jones
  23. The Infinite Quest (special)
  24. Modern Season 3 Episodes 3-14
  25. Torchwood Season 2
  26. Sarah Jane Adventures Season 1
  27. Time Crash (Children in Need special)
  28. Voyage of the Damned (special)
  29. Modern Season 4
  30. Music of the Spheres (mini episode)
  31. Sarah Jane Adventures Season 2
  32. The Next Doctor (special)
  33. Planet of the Dead (special)
  34. Torchwood Season 3
  35. Dreamland (special)
  36. Sarah Jane Adventures Season 3
  37. The Waters of Mars (special)
  38. The End of Time (special)
  39. The Eleventh Hour
  40. Meanwhile in the TARDIS, Part 1 (mini episode)
  41. Modern Season 5 Episodes 2-5
  42. Meanwhile in the TARDIS, Part 2 (mini episode)
  43. Modern Season 5 Episodes 6-13
  44. Sarah Jane Adventures Season 4
  45. A Christmas Carol (special)
  46. Space (mini episode)
  47. Time (mini episode)
  48. Prequel to The Impossible Astronaut (mini episode)
  49. Modern Season 6 Episodes 1-7 
  50. Demon's Run: Two Days Later (mini episode)
  51. Torchwood Season 4
  52. Prequel to Let's Kill Hitler (mini episode)
  53. Modern Season 6 Episodes 8-10
  54. Bad Night (mini episode)
  55. Good Night (mini episode)
  56. The God Complex
  57. First Night (mini episode)
  58. Last Night (mini episode)
  59. Up All Night (mini episode)
  60. Modern Season 6 Episodes 12-13
  61. Death is the Only Answer (mini episode)
  62. Sarah Jane Adventures Season 5
  63. Prequel to The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe (mini episode)
  64. The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe (special)  
  65. Good as Gold (mini episode)
  66. The Inforarium (mini episode) 
  67. Pond Life (mini series)
  68. Prequel: Asylum of the Daleks (mini episode)
  69. Modern Season 7 Episodes 1-2
  70. Prequel: The Making of the Gunslinger (mini episode)
  71. Modern Season 7 Episodes 3-5
  72. P.S. (deleted scene)
  73. The Great Detective (Children in Need special)
  74. Vastra Investigates (mini episode)
  75. The Snowmen (special)
  76. Prequel to The Bells of Saint John (mini episode)
  77. Modern Season 7 Episodes 7-13
  78. Clara and the TARDIS (mini episode)
  79. Clarence and the Whispermen (mini episode)
  80. The Name of the Doctor
  81. Rain Gods (mini episode)
  82. The Day of the Doctor (special)
  83. The Time of the Doctor (special)
  84. Modern Season 8
  85. Last Christmas (special)
  86. Season 9 Prologue (mini episode)
  87. The Doctor's Meditation (mini episode)
  88. Modern Season 9 
  89. The Husbands of River Song (special) 
  90. Class Season 1 
  91. The Return of Doctor Mysterio (special)
  92. Modern season 10
  93. Twice Upon a Time (special)
Note that this list only includes television stories. Books, comics, and audio adventures are interspersed throughout. 


  1. Is there a list that includes books, comics and audio? I want to go through right from the unaired pilot (an unearthly child) and take in absolutely everything and would prefer it to be in the correct order. I know some stuff will be difficult to source - I know lots of classic episodes were junked so are now just reconstructed from the audio with photos.

  2. Does anyone know where the tv series K-9 Falls in the timeline if you could let me know thanks

    1. I was under the impression it was in an alternate timeline, but I could be completely wrong. I haven't actually watched it.

    2. If you happen to watch it would you let me know where it belongs

  3. Same goes for Torchwood web of lies

  4. Replies
    1. Class is the new spin-off that airs this fall on BBC Three and BBC America. It's about some students at Coal Hill Academy and is written by Patrick Ness.

  5. Where does the bells of Saint John fall

    1. Because 76 is the prequel to the bells of Saint John I'm referring to the actual episode

    2. It's the first of the seven episodes clustered under item 77

    3. ok 77 says modern Season 7 episodes 7-13

  6. What is modern Season 7 Episode 14

    1. The Name of the Doctor

    2. Only if you don't count The Snowmen as episode 6, which I have

    3. But 79 is the name of the doctor

  7. So what is modern season 7 episode 13

  8. Is the name of the doctor a prequel to the day of the doctor

    1. Only in that it takes place before The Day of the Doctor. They do have things labelled as prequels, this is not one of those.

    2. So is this classified as episode 13 or 14

    3. I count it as #14. Some people include the Christmas specials as episode X or episode 0, so doing it that way would make it #13.

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  10. Where does Torchwood web of lies go in the Timeline

  11. What is series 9 prologue called

    1. I'm pretty sure it doesn't actually have a name

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