Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Proposal for the Scheduling of Seasons 7–8

Hey Moffatt, listen up!

I propose starting Season 7 on November 17th and running one episode per week until December 15th. There will then be the Christmas Special on Christmas Day, then one episode per week starting on January 5th. This will give people time to travel and spend time with their families and not miss out on Doctor Who. The will then be a two-hour (including commercials) 50th Anniversary Special featuring at least Doctors 8–11. Season 8 will then resume on the normal April–July schedule in 2014. There might or might not be a 2012 Christmas Special (depends on if they can fit it into the productions schedule).

For those of you wondering how this relates to my first post a month ago, that was simply an April Fool's Day post pretending to be an actual announcement. This is a serious proposal.

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