Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What if the Time Lords blew up the TARDIS?

So it still hasn't been revealed who blew up the TARDIS or why. We're being led to believe it was the Silence, but what if it was actually the Time Lords? The Silence's attempts to interfere with the TARDIS in The Lodger could have been trying to prevent it from materializing on June 26th, 2010. That's assuming that it actually was a Silence time engine and that the interference was intentional.

The Time Lords actually have the means and the motive to destroy reality. They couldn't execute their plans within the time lock, so they would have had to use the Doctor. They might have tampered with the 8th/9th Doctor's TARDIS while he was still fighting the war. They just rigged it to detonate if it ever materialized on that date. The Doctor never actually went to that date until River did in The Pandorica Opens.

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