Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Petition to Get Jenny Her Own Spin-Off Show

I've decided that the Doctor's daughter, Jenny, needs to get her own spin-off. I already posted about this here, but I've decided to take this seriously and get the BBC to actually make this show.

A new spin-off featuring Jenny would serve a couple of purposes. First, it would keep the fandom sane during the increasingly long waits between seasons. In the past, Torchwood and SJA have kept the fans busy between seasons of Doctor Who. Now, Elisabeth Sladen is dead and Torchwood is on hiatus. We need something to keep the fans from going crazy and doing something like forming a lynch mob. Second, as the last Time Lady, Jenny deserves to have her story told. Last we saw her, in the 2008 episode The Doctor's Daughter, she took a bullet for her dad and ended up dying. After she didn't regenerate for a while, the Doctor & his friends left. After that, she partially regenerated and went off in a spaceship to explore the universe. We never saw her again, and to this day, her fate remains a mystery.

I am hereby requesting that you sign this petition to get the BBC to listen to us. If we can get enough of the fandom onboard, we can force them to respond. So sign the petition, then share it with all your friends however you can: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, email, etc. We can do this!

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