Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 6 50th Anniversary Filming

Filming continued today at Trafalgar Square in London. Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Jemma Redgrave, and Ingrid Oliver were on location. There were scenes with the TARDIS hanging in mid-air from a crane with Matt (and his stunt double) hanging off the bottom and Jenna looking out the door. After landing, Matt and Jenna met with Jemma and Ingrid who were playing UNIT officer Kate Stewart and her scientific adviser Osgood.

The pair were accompanied by UNIT troops and delivered a sealed envelope to the Doctor from Queen Elizabeth the first. After receiving the envelope, Matt and Jenna walked off towards the National Gallery.

Osgood is apparently a fan of the Doctor and could been seen wearing a replica of the fourth Doctor's scarf. She also had to use an inhaler when meeting the Doctor.

<speculation>It appears UNIT grabbed the TARDIS with a helicopter to bring it over to Trafalgar Square. The Doctor must have been outside the TARDIS and grabbed onto it when it was flying away. The message must have had something to do with the medieval scenes that David was filming last week. The tenth Doctor is somehow in need of assistance and so Queen Elizabeth sends a message forward in time to the Doctor.</speculation>

Sammie @fezesarecool
Matt and Jenna in front of the TARDIS. #dwsr pic.twitter.com/92kbXkd8Oo

Ryan Farrell @ryanfarr
"Kate Lethbridge Stewart! As your father would have warned you, I don't like being picked up" #dwsr

David me hearty. @laylaelmi
Photo of the day, #dwsr youtube.com/watch?v=IdUKqp... #dwsr

Ryan Farrell @ryanfarr
Matt doing autographs #dwsr pic.twitter.com/0mRYEtnKnt

Ryan Farrell @ryanfarr
Jenna doing autographs #dwsr pic.twitter.com/i11RQ4GJso

vickster51 @vickster51>
For an idea of how high here's one with nelson's column in the background #dwsr pic.twitter.com/NujqKfezXn

Photos courtesy of @fezesarecool, @laylaelmi, @vickster51, @Ruther2, @chakrata1971, @ReddDalek, @ryanfarr, @BlogtorWho, @jazzevo, @quintonle, @Gemma_SFG, @DickiesTicker, @akashbharadia, @tomasmcguinness, @Keefidentity, @jamieelewis, @RobLonUK, manisanisland, @MrBenButler, @kimberleyrhodes, kaane, and @faunawolf


As always, you can find more on the #dwsr hashtag on Twitter. More pictures and video here, here, here, here, and here.

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