Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You Can Actually Pinpoint the Exact Moment the Series 5 Story Arc Begins

So I noticed several days ago that you can actually find the exact second that the TARDIS begins to malfunction and eventually explode. It's at the very end of The Waters of Mars, after the Doctor goes back into the TARDIS after seeing Ood Sigma. Right then, the cloister bell sounds, and it's never really explained why.

The cloister bell only sounds when something is seriously wrong with the TARDIS. I figure that at that exact moment, someone hacked into the TARDIS and installed a virus that caused some critical system malfunction to occur when it landed on June 26th 2010. The next time it landed on the date was in The Pandorica Opens, it took off on that date at the end of Flesh and Stone, but the virus must only be programmed for when it lands on that date, not when it takes off.

This would actually go against my theory about the Time Lords, which assumes that they hacked into the TARDIS during the Time War. It seems more likely that it was something the Silence did.

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