Friday, July 4, 2014

Frank Boyce to Write Doctor Who

Frank Boyce has been confirmed as the final writer for series 8. His episode (#10) will be directed by Sheree Folkson and produced by Paul Frift. Boyce has previously worked on the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony and films such as 24 Hour Party People. Folkson has worked on Casanova and Hit & Miss, while Frift has worked on Escape Artist and Restless. Harley Bird, Abigail Eames, Ashley Foster, and Jaydon Harris-Wallace have all been cast in the episode. Boyce said
Of all the thrills that pen and paper have brought into my life, there’s nothing that quite compares to the buzz of unlimited possibility that rushes through your fingers and into your brain when you write the words: ‘Interior ... TARDIS’. I was flabbergasted to be asked to write an episode - partly because I’ve been so absorbed in the last few series that I’d sort of forgotten that it wasn’t real.
Moffat also commented
Frank's script is pure magic - and everything I could have hoped for from the genius behind the Olympics opening ceremony! Doctor Who is born anew in the mind of a genius!

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