Sunday, October 19, 2014

Reichenbach Review

Looks like we're not quite done with Cole yet. I thought he'd only last a couple episodes, but it's apparent he's going to be around for at least three. Whether he stays around long enough to be the season's big bad remains to be seen. I still can't imagine that a mere human would be the main villain in a season of this show. If he is, it's possible that he's going to go to great lengths to kill Dean and end up with some supernatural object or power.

Anyone else starting to ship Hannah and Castiel? After six seasons, I've kinda given up on Destiel. This somehow seems much more likely to happen and they do seem to care for each other. I'm just not sure two angels are going to get into a romantic relationship. Castiel, maybe, but most other angels might consider that too human. However, some of these angels (including Hannah) do seem to have a cult worship thing going on with Castiel. Considering he's basically a celebrity, she might just do it.

We know it's possible to cure a demon, but what about a knight of hell? It's possible that a demon's a demon, but maybe curing Dean won't be so easy. Especially since he made it clear he didn't want to be cured. There are medical ethics to giving a person a treatment they don't want. Assuming Sam can convince Dean to let him cure him, the usual process may not work. They may have to use the demon tablet to find a way to cure Dean. The problem with that is that they don't have a prophet to read the instructions. One of the angels would have to reactivate the prophet system.

I really don't think it's a good idea to let Metatron out of his cell. Even if he keeps his promise and tells them how to get Cas' grace and leaves to another planet, he'd probably just set himself up as a god there. That seemed to be what he wanted in the first place: to be the new God. There are other ways of helping Castiel. They could reconstruct the angel tablet and use that to power him back up. Assuming they could solve the prophet problem, there might be something on the tablet that could help him.

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