Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Soul Survivor Review

Now that Metatron, Abbadon, and demon!Dean are gone, the only things Team Free Will has to worry about are Castiel's grace and the Mark of Cain. The Mark ought to be simple enough, probably the only thing they have to do is find Cain and get him to take it back. Of course, it's probably not going to be that easy: either Cain will refuse or say he can't (there's some sort of spell), they won't be able to find him, or they won't realize the solution is that simple. The grace issue has two solutions, find Cas' grace or make a new one. Either one will probably require either the angel tablet or negotiating with Metatron. Since they can't read the tablet, they'd have to somehow convince Metatron to give up the information and he's probably going to have a price.

So now we have a big bad villain: Rowena. Judging by the guys on the ceiling, I'm guessing she's a demon, though it remains to be seen if that building burns down. The whole angels/demons thing is kinda overused, it'd be neat if they had another story arc about a different supernatural race. The only season we had that didn't deal with angels and demons was season 7 and the Leviathans. I'd really like it if she was something new and deadly. Of course, we still have Cole to deal with, so we'll have to see how he plays into the mix. Maybe the two of them will team up to take down the brothers.

Castiel now owes Crowley, this is going to play out interestingly. Crowley, being the businessman that he is, is definitely going to call in this debt. Seeing as Mark Sheppard is now a series regular, that means Crowley is going to be getting more of an arc this season. He probably has some dubious scheme in mind for the brothers and is going to enlist Cas' help in it. He may even try to convince Cas it's for the brother's own good. Cas has been known to do some bad things for good reasons and this may be one of them. What Crowley has in mind, I have no idea, but I'm sure we'll find out (probably before the Winchesters).

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