Friday, July 29, 2016

Star Trek: Beyond Review

So many references to the Enterprise series. That show is underappreciated and I love it (the show, not the fact that it's underappreciated). There was the hull design of the Franklin and its NX designation. Then there were mentions of the MAKOs, Xindi, Romulan Wars, and the formation of the Federation.

I also liked how they defeated the aliens with the power of rock and roll. Oh, I'm sorry, it's classical music. By the 23rd century it's considered classical. I wonder what our classical music is considered. That was not something I was really expecting to see. Though the whole "riding of a wave of spaceships, trailing explosions" thing does scream "this movie is directed by the guy who made Fast & Furious."

I didn't realize the original Enterprise was capable of saucer separation. But then again, I only ever watched about three episodes of TOS. So what do I know?

Where did Kirk, Chekov, Bones, and Spock get new uniforms from? They just magically change outfits halfway through the movie. I'm guessing Kirk & Chekov got more durable uniforms intended for ground use (the escape pods seem to have some sort of survival kit) and Spock & Bones just pulled them out of their asses. Spock and Bones only got theirs upon arriving at the Franklin, but they were 23rd century uniforms, not the old blue jumpsuits.

The transporter definitely solves more problems than Starfleet seems to realize. They could have just teleported the fleet to other side of the planet, warped out of there, and figured out their next move. Also, is it possible to use the Enterprise's transporters on the Enterprise itself? Alternately, they could disintegrate the fleet and use the mass energy to make cheeseburgers.

Did anyone notice that when Starfleet rebuilt the Enterprise at the end it was designated the a-model? I seem to recall the Enterprise being destroyed in Into Darkness, though I guess it wasn't completely obliterated. They must have repaired the original (as opposed to building a new one from scratch) in order to avoid the new designation then. I also may just be wrong and the Wikipedia plot summary isn't helping.

It appears that Krall, the Franklin, and maybe Jaylah are still sitting around that planet in the Prime timeline. Maybe someone can make a novel or a Discovery episode out of that.

When that lady offered to promote Kirk to vice admiral, it occurred to me that he would be skipping some ranks. In the US Navy, vice admiral is three ranks above captain. Memory Alpha only lists certain ranks at each time period, but it appears there would be some sort of skip involved. Is that normal? I mean, I guess Kirk made captain after only a day.

There was another plot hole that I noticed but I can't remember what it was. This is what happens when I take five days to write a review.

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