Doctor Who Series 12 News Accumulator

Following is a collection of news and spoilers for the twelfth season of Doctor Who (38th if you count the classic series)
  • Timeslot: Sundays on BBC One and BBC America
  • Starring: Jodie Whittaker (the Doctor), Bradley Walsh (Graham O'Brien), Tosin Cole (Ryan Sinclair), and Mandip Gill (Yasmin Khan)
  • Producers: Chris Chibnall, Matt Strevens, Alex Mercer, Nikki Wilson
  • Writers: Nina Metivier, Maxine Alderton, Ed Hime, Chris Chibnall (x7), Charlene James, Pete McTighe, and Vinay Patel
  • Directors: Jamie Magnus Stone (x4), Lee Haven Jones, Emma Sullivan, and Nida Manzoor
  • Filming began in January 2019
#TitleDateWriter(s)DirectorLinksGuest stars
1Spyfall, Part 1January 1, 2020Chris ChibnallJamie Magnus StoneClips, photosStephen Fry (C), Lenny Henry (Daniel Barton), Shobna Gulati (Najia Khan), Ravin J Ganatra (Hakim Khan), Bhavnisha Parmar (Sonya Khan), Buom Tihngang (Tibo), Asif Khan (Ramesh Sunder), Andrew Bone (Mr Collins), Christopher McArthur (Ethan), Darron Meyer (Seesay), Dominique Maher (Browning), Struan Rodger (voice of Kasaavin), Melissa De Vries (sniper), Sacharissa Claxton (passenger), William Ely (older passenger), Brian Law (operative), Ronana Summers (rendition man), Sacha Dhawan (the Master)
2Spyfall, Part 2January 5, 2020Chris ChibnallLee Haven JonesTrailerSacha Dhawan (the Master), Lenny Henry (Daniel Barton)
3Orphan 55January 12, 2020Ed HimeLee Haven JonesSynopsis & trailer, photos, clipWill Austin, Laura Fraser (Kane), Gia Re (Bella), James Buckley (Nevi)
4Nikola Telsa's Night of TerrorJanuary 19, 2020Nina MetivierNida ManzoorSynopsis & trailer, photosGoran Višnjić (Nikola Tesla), Robert Glenister (Thomas Edison), Anjli Mohindra (Queen Skithra)
5Fugitive of the JudoonJanuary 26, 2020Vinay Patel & Chris ChibnallNida ManzoorSynopsis & trailer, photosJo Martin (the Doctor), John Barrowman (Jack Harkness), Neil Stuke, Ritu Arya
6PraxeusFebruary 2, 2020Pete McTighe & Chris ChibnallJamie Magnus StoneSynopsis & trailer, photosWarren Brown, Matthew McNulty, Joana Borja, Molly Harris, Gabriela Toloi, Soo Drouet, Tristan de Beer, Thapelo Maropefela
7Can You Hear Me?February 9, 2020Charlene James & Chris ChibnallEmma SullivanSynopsistrailer, photos, clipClare-Hope Ashitey (Rakaya), Buom Tihngang (Tibo)
8The Haunting of Villa DiodatiFebruary 16, 2020Maxine AldertonEmma SullivanSynopsis, trailer, photos, clipLili Miller (Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin), Jacob Collins-Levy (Lord Byron), Lewis Rainer (Percy Bysshe Shelley), Maxim Baldry (Dr. John Polidori), Nadia Parkes (Claire Clairmont), Patrick O'Kane (Ashad)
9Ascension of the CybermenFebruary 23, 2020Chris ChibnallJamie Magnus StoneSynopsis, trailer, photos, clipJulie Graham (Ravio), Patrick O'Kane (Ashad), Steve Toussaint (Feekat), Sacha Dhawan (the Master)
10The Timeless ChildrenMarch 1, 2020Chris ChibnallJamie Magnus StoneSynopsis, trailer, photosJulie Graham (Ravio), Sacha Dhawan (the Master), Patrick O'Kane (Ashad), Ian McElhinney (Ko Sharmus), Alex Austin (Yedlarmi), Matt Carver (Ethan), Rhiannon Clements (Bescot), Seylan Baxter (Tecteun), Jo Martin (the Doctor)

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